SSHA Service Review Partners

SSHA Service Review Partners – Person Specification

SSHA Service Review Partners

The person specification sets out the ideal range of qualities members of the Service Review Partners should be able to demonstrate. Where there are gaps, members should be willing to undergo further training and development in those areas. SSHA will provide the necessary support and training to help members become more effective in their roles.

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Experience and Knowledge

  1. Knowledge and appreciation of the needs and aspirations of the communities served by SSHA
  2. Experience and understanding of one or more of the following:
  • Community Relations
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Resident Involvement
  • Being a housing association tenant
  • Their local area and the area served by SSHA
  • Knowledge of the services provided by SSHA
  1. Experience of using basic IT skills e.g. internet, email, word processing and spreadsheets

Skills and Abilities

  1. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  1. Strong team working and networking skills
  1. An appreciation of current issues in social housing or the public sector
  1. Ability to consider issues and problems in-the-room
  1. Ability to form objective views based on evidence
  1. Ability to solve problems in an innovative way
  1. Ability to analyse information and opinions and, when necessary, challenge constructively
  1. Ability to actively listen at meetings
  1. Ability to ask open questions

Personal Qualities

  1.  Supports and uphold SSHA’s values, aims and objectives
  1. Confidence, enthusiasm and drive to implement change
  1. Respects others’ attitudes, beliefs and traditions
  1. Integrity, honesty and objectivity
  1. Well organised and reliable
  1. Commitment to resident engagement & empowerment
  1. Commitment to personal learning and development
  1. Willingness to commit the necessary time to the work of the Service Review Partners and attend meetings during and outside normal business hours.