The Community Learning Trust is a joint project between Staffordshire County Council, Colleges in Staffordshire and Voluntary & Community organisations interested in adult learning.

Support Staffordshire South Staffordshire facilitates the South Staffordshire Community Learning Trust Locality Working Group (LWG). This involves:

  • Looking at the needs of local people and providing evidence of learner needs to feedback to the main CLT Board
  • Influencing County commissioning priorities
  • Assisting local groups to apply for funding from the Community Responsiveness Fund
  • Acting as a broker between providers & learners so that identified local training needs are met
  • Providing representation at the main board level

Staffordshire has happy, healthy, well integrated and active communities that learn together, support each other, and enable all community members to prosper and thrive

In 2015 we facilitated 3 LWG meetings where local priorities were agreed and ways we could influence County Commissioning Priorities were discussed.

We have over 160 contacts on our mailing list who are interested in adult learning in South Staffordshire.

Community Learning Trust


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