Perton’s Spring Festival 2016

Wild About Perton are celebrating their 10th anniversary at Perton’s Spring Festival at Perton Library on Saturday 23rd April to enable 33 community, wildlife, and environmental organisations to showcase their work, and inform & engage all the family.

Perton Spring Festival

The following is a message from Keith Elder, SSCVA Community Connector and Chair of Wild About Perton:

This year we are also celebrating the creation of the first urban ARK site for the critically endangered White Clawed Crayfish in Perton. Staffordshire Wildlife Trust working with Wild About Perton have reintroduced these endangered crayfish to the clean unpolluted waters of the River Penk in the hope that they will spread throughout a river where they have been wiped out by disease. During the festival, Wild About Perton will demonstrate how through citizen science the river is monitored to protect the crayfish from pollution.

Also at the Festival, the Staffordshire Mammal Group will identify the small mammals that live in the meadowland around the Upper Lake, Perton. During the previous day humane mammal traps will be placed throughout the meadowland and lakeside in the centre of Perton, and then opened during the Festival, any mammals caught identified and then immediately released.

The Owl & Falconry Centre based at Gardenlands are returning with their magnificent flying hawks and owls as well as offering donkey rides. In addition there will be a opportunity for younger members of the family to show their artistic skills by taking part in an art competition organised by Perton Art Group. We’ll also be showcasing Jill’s Priors “Isn’t Perton a beautiful place” photographic display.

Returning this year are West Midlands Hedgehog Rescue who will be introducing new hedgehog ambassador, Freddy. There’ll also be an opportunity to build a hedgehog house.

New to the Festival includes the Central Orchid Society who will be showing us how these most exotic plants can be propagated.  Staffordshire Badger Group will be bringing Perton up to date on the badger cull and how it is affecting our local badgers. Also there’ll be an opportunity to meet the greyhounds with the Retired Greyhounds Trust.

We’ll also be exploring the depths of the Upper Lake with Chillington Divers and finding out what lives in our river and wildlife pond, identifying Perton’s very own aquatic mini-beasts with Wild About Perton & Staffordshire Dragonflies. Our green space, and the river Penk that runs through our community, are important for everybody’s health and wellbeing. So it’s equally important that with help from KBT WatersideCare we find out about the quality of river and lake water.

Thyme to be Healthy will tell us about herbal medicine in the 21st century and we’ll be taking a step back in time, to find out with Megan the wise woman, how illness was treated in the Tudor era including how raw liver, herbs and wine, known as ‘morprewe’ was used. We’ll also be examining the everyday items dug up by local archaeologists in the area.

Other activities include, meet the moths with Butterfly Conservation, pole lathe and forest crafts with Forest of Mercia, badge-making with the RSPB and caring for our swans, geese and ducks with the RSPCA. Staffs Wild Bee Group will be showing us how we can support our solitary bees and bumblebees and make a bee hotel and South Staffordshire Beekeeper how the social Honey Bee makes honey. Staffordshire Bat Group are returning updating us on bats rescued and released and Friends of Kingswood will be showing us how to make willow paintbrushes, natural flags and wooden cookie badges.

Perton Middle School have already started growing plants which they will use to produce a pictorial flower display to brighten up the entrance to Perton Library well into the summer. HMP Brinsford YOI are on board again this year, making planters and hedgehog nest box kits as well as colourful flower displays.

Perton Sandown First School are taking part in conservation activities, including water quality monitoring in support of the reintroduction of white clawed crayfish. And Perton First School are opening their Sensory Garden to the public on Friday 22nd April.

A local wood and stone sculptor, Robot Cossey will be producing a carving from wood throughout the day to be installed locally as an attractive art installation for the public. There will be lots of things to buy on various stalls plus flowering plants from Perton Gardening Club, craft goods from Perton Craft Group and handmade cards from 1st Perton Guides. Plus further details about the Perton Village Show in September.

Organisers are sure that this year’s mix of old favourites and new attractions will bring in more than the 1600 people who attended the event last year. More activities are being added all the time, so look out for a full programme nearer the date.

This year’s Spring Festival will be held on Saturday 23rd April 2016 between 10.00am and 3.30pm at Perton Library, Severn Drive, Perton, Wolverhampton, WV6 7QU and on the adjacent green space.

Participating Organisations:

  • Central Orchid Society
  • Chillington Divers
  • Forest of Mercia
  • Friends of Kingswood Trust
  • HMYOI Brinsford
  • KBT WatersideCare
  • Megan the Medieval Herb Lady
  • Owl & Falconry Centre, Gardenlands
  • Perton Art Group
  • Perton Craft Group
  • Perton Gardeners’ Club
  • Perton Village Show
  • 1st Perton Guides
  • Perton First School
  • Perton Middle School
  • Perton Sandown School
  • Perton Library
  • Retired Greyhounds Trust
  • Robot Cossey, Sculptor
  • Royal Society for the Protection of Animals, W’ton & Stafford
  • Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
  • South Staffordshire Beekeepers
  • South Staffordshire Council
  • Staffordshire Badger Group
  • Staffordshire Bat Group
  • Staffordshire Mammal Group
  • Staffordshire Wild Bee Conservation Group
  • Staffordshire Wildlife Trust
  • Thymetobehealthy
  • West Midlands Butterfly Conservation
  • West Midlands Hedgehog Rescue
  • Wild About Perton
  • Wolverhampton Archaeological Society

For further information please contact:

Helene Elder, Publicity Officer, Wild About Perton

47 St Andrew’s Drive, Perton, Nr Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, WV6 7YL

01902 754245 / 07576 697497

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Perton Spring Festival
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