New NAVCA Petition

New rules outlined by the government mean charities will be banned from using government grants for campaigns to pressure ministers to change policies

In response Neil Cleeveley, Chief Executive of NAVCA, said:

“This is a deeply worrying move by the government. Campaigning is a completely legitimate activity for charities and an essential part of our democracy…Most charities campaign not for themselves but for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged, those who are frequently let down by public services. I worry that this attempt to gag charities will create a climate of fear that will prevent small charities and community groups from speaking out on behalf of their beneficiaries.”

The response was loud and unified. Many MPs and sector leaders took to social media to challenge the new clause. Others, including NAVCA Vice-Chair John Tizard, wrote blogs outlining their concerns and NCVO encouraged charity leaders to sign a letter to the Prime Minister (which we have added our voice to).

Sign the NAVCA petition

NAVCA have created an online petition to show the Prime Minister that communities and charities will not be silenced. Please sign this petition and share it amongst your networks.

NAVCA Petition