Great Wyrley and Cheslyn Hay Libraries Need Volunteers

The following is a message from Sarah Garner, Community Partnership Officer, and Cathy Attwood, Community Support Officer, with Staffordshire County Council.

You may know that hundreds of parents and children use Great Wyrley and Cheslyn Hay Libraries every year, encouraging a love of books and learning, and it’s for that reason that we are asking for your support.

The way people are reading and finding out information is changing, particularly with the Internet, so fewer people are visiting libraries.  Libraries, however, are an essential part of the community and that’s why the county council decided that some of them, including Great Wyrley and Cheslyn Hay, should be reinvigorated by being managed by local community groups.

Community managed libraries are working really well in a number of places; books and computers continue to be on offer but events and services available in the library have adapted to fit the needs of people in that community.

As well as looking for community groups, we are also looking for individual volunteers to support the day-to-day activities at Great Wyrley and Cheslyn Hay.  People committing to just two hours a week would make a such a difference.  Whilst the library is not in danger of closure, support from volunteers would make a huge difference to the number of hours that the library can open from April 2017.

Our roles are flexible designed to fit around the interests of the individual and what they would like to get out as well as put in. Volunteering really can change people’s lives and it’s a great time for parents to be part of the next generation of volunteers in their community.

More information about our volunteer roles is available at 

Sarah Garner – Community Partnership Officer, Staffordshire County Council – 07807 137125 or

Cathy Attwood – Community Support Officer, Staffordshire County Council – 07866 921866 or