Rhododendron Trust

Rhododendron Trust is a grant-making charity focused mainly on the welfare of the disadvantaged in both the developing world and the UK, but also supporting several arts and wildlife charities.

The Rhododendron Trust is a small family Charitable Trust (registration number 267192) which makes grants of between £500 and £1500 to Charities registered in the UK which support social welfare and humanitarian aid projects both in the developing world and the UK. It also supports some cultural and wildlife projects. It generally prioritises smaller Charities over larger ones.

Grants should be applied for in writing and are made once a year, generally in February or March.

Rhododendron Trust

UK Charities
In the UK they attempt to support those disadvantaged by disability or mental illness (such as those suffering from epilepsy or autism). They also regularly support Charities which work with prisoners and ex-offenders, or those addicted to drugs, and the homeless. They fund charities which support carers and which help the elderly or disadvantaged children. They do not support Charities which help those suffering from cancer or from unusual physical illnesses, nor do they fund medical research or the Hospice movement.

Arts and Nature
Their arts funding tends not to vary very much as they tend to work through large organisations such as the National Churches Trust and Fauna and Flora International. However they are open to proposals for small theatre and music projects, and to proposals for the protection of cultural and natural heritage. They are interested in projects which help sustain the environment.