Playing Fields Legacy Fund

The Playing Fields Legacy Fund provides grants to voluntary organisations that run or manage playing fields. Applicants will be expected to secure a major percentage of the total eligible project costs from other sources, and are strongly urged to involve local businesses and other funding partners.

It is expected that the project, once completed, will result in more people using playing fields to take part in outdoor sport.

Applications are welcomes from:

  • County Playing Field Associations
  • Voluntary Sector Sports Clubs
  • City, Town, and Parish Councils
  • Registered Charities
  • Not-For-Profit Organisations
  • Local Authorities
  • Industrial and Provident Societies

The Playing Fields Legacy Fund will consider providing funding for projects including:

  • pitch improvements
  • the construction of new pitches on existing sites and new sites
  • renovation of changing rooms or community rooms
  • feasibility studies for any of the above
  • to unlock funding from trusts and statutory grant-giving bodies, such as Sport England

Please visit the Playing Fields Legacy Fund website for more information and to apply for this pot of funding.

Playing Fields Legacy Fund

The aim of the fund is to get more people, especially the young and disadvantaged, playing outdoor sport through more effective use of playing fields. We want to use the power of sport to transform the lives of local communities.