Newby Trust

‘The main aims of the Newby Trust are to promote training and education and social and medical welfare’

Newby Trust

The principal purpose of the Newby Trust is to enable people in the UK to improve their quality of life and fulfil their potential by providing funding for educational opportunities, social and financial needs and medical conditions.


  • registered charities within the broad categories of education, health and social welfare
  • charities that have a local, regional or national scope within the United Kingdom

The Newby Trust is more likely to fund smaller or medium-sized charities with an annual income of less than £1,000,000 although the Trust will sometimes make grants to larger charities for a specific project. In general, only charities that are invited to apply will be considered for a grant.

Please send an email to if you would like to bring the work of your charity to the attention of the Trust.


The Trust makes small grants of up to £250 to assist individuals and families in crisis.

The Trust only accepts applications on behalf of individuals from statutory agencies and voluntary organisations which are capable of assessing the needs of the applicant and administering payment of the grant.

Grants are normally only given to support individuals whose poverty is exacerbated by additional misfortune including bereavement, divorce, abuse, homelessness, addiction, disability or ill health. The Trust accepts applications only where there is a proven need as demonstrated by a financial statement.

If you are interested in applying for funding from the Newby Trust please click here to find out more