Community Asset Fund – Sport England

The following is a message from Sport England:

It might be the park you run through. The village hall you visit for a fitness class. Or maybe the pitch you play on. A welcoming, accessible space has the potential to attract a range of people to get active. And that’s a key part of our strategy. You might call it the backbone of what we do. If the places aren’t up to scratch­­, no amount of persuasion will stop people losing interest.

That’s because the quality of the facility is often a big factor in how people feel about sport and fitness. And it plays a huge role in how likely they are to come back and repeat the activity.

But there’s no single, magic formula. Things that work vary from community to community. It depends on so many factors – such as how affluent a region is or how near it is to a big city.

We really want to hear from all kinds of sports clubs, community organisations and social enterprises that have a great idea that’ll get people moving.

Sport England

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