Children’s Health Fund

Do you have an idea for how drinking water in public spaces could be made more accessible for children and young people?

Access to water in public places means that children can quench their thirst for free, and will hopefully drink fewer sugar sweetened beverages.

The Children’s Health Fund is offering grant funding of between £500 to £5,000 to projects that have creative ideas that will promote or give access to drinking water in public spaces that children and young people gather to learn, play or congregate.

Which organisations are eligible to apply?

  • UK registered charities that run within the UK – registration number required
  • Charitable Incorporated Organisations (CIOs) – as above your registration number is required
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Housing associations and corporations
  • Community Groups
  • Local Authorities
  • Churches

Applications will be open from 15th February 2016, with funding to be distributed from May 2016.

If you are interested in applying to The Children’s Health Fund you can find more information by clicking here.

Children's Health Fund

Children’s Health Fund was set up by Sustain with Jamie Oliver’s help in August 2015. The aim is to get restaurants and cafes to volunteer to put a 10p sugary drinks levy on non-alcoholic soft drinks on their menu with added sugar.

The money raised by the self-imposed levy will be paid into the CHF, administered by Sustain. The Children’s Health Fund is overseen by an independent board, made up of experts on children’s health and food education. The board approves the allocation of grants to programmes and schemes for improving children’s health and food education.